yes Lunch Candy is a thing in our household, so what?!

Ask the Sprinkles Cast Anything

October 1, 2014 • No Comments

You have questions, the cast has answers. Life-changing answers, even. You just won’t know until you ask. Got something you need Moxxi to answer? She’s waiting on the windowsill, watching a bug. Burning question you want Grimmer to speak up on? He’s ignoring you at the top of his cat tree. BUT he will answer, or he’s grounded. Has Brett got the answer to your question? He’s sprawled face down on the couch, so obviously he’s ready at a moment’s notice. Do I have any answers for your interesting question? Probably not but maybe.

How’s it work? GLAD YOU ASKED. Pledge just a dollar on my Patreon (a dollar! That’s like, a pack of gum, you won’t even miss it) and you get to ask a question, which I’ll have the cast answer in a comic. Do you have a question but don’t mind who answers it? THAT’S OK I’ll pick whoever I think would have the funniest answer and draw a sweet, sweet comic about it. It’s gonna be fun!

What are you waiting for?!

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